FillerSupplies is an international company with worldwide shipping. Please note, that You bear the responsibility for compliance with Your internal laws.

Most of the orders are shipped from Europe. Shipping fee is €37.43 (€37.11 ($40)) for orders that are below €467.93 (€463.83 ($500)).
At the moment, the amount of the minimum order is €467.93 (€463.83 ($500)). In turn, you will enjoy complimentary shipping on all orders.

FillerSupplies takes all the necessary steps to comply with the required temperature control for products that require special thermal conditions. We use special thermal packaging that keeps the product in the range of the required temperature for up to 14 days.

If the product is out of stock You will be informed upfront and offered to wait until it’s available. In this case, You will receive Your order on the same terms stated above from the moment the product is in stock.

The product is being shipped on the next day after Your order was placed during business days. FillerSupplies reserves the right to delay the dispatch of your order if we require additional information to complete it. FillerSupplies reserves the right to delay dispatch of your order if it is caused by high order volume, limits of the available carriers, or global pandemic.

Shipping can be canceled only on the same day the order was placed and only by calling one of our sales representatives. The shipment cannot be reversed or canceled after business hours of the same day your order was placed.

FillerSupplies uses different shipping companies. The carrier that will be used to ship your order will be determined by our logistics department. FillerSupplies will do its best to provide the carrier You requested but we reserve the right to use the carrier that is available or best to perform the shipment. We will provide You with a tracking number as soon as we will receive it.

The approximate delivery time is 3-5 business days. The time of delivery may vary depending on the region You are in so we recommend to contact us for more info. FillerSupplies is not responsible for delays caused by carriers, customs, or force majeure.